If I could sit down with my brain, I’d​ say

When my beautiful mother died in 2017, I had the unfortunate task of having to communicate with her sadistic, abusive, sociopathic husband. His manipulative games and crocodile tears were wasted on me.  His mind games were disappointingly juvenile and transparent.  But his venom and hatred towards myself and my brother who’d recently lost his leg in a motorbike accident, propelled me to challenge the point of humanity and question, why was mum taken and this retard left? grief gets you like that.

The gift of​ vulnerability​

If you asked me to advise a strategy, I’d say “fuck it be who you are, because that will be a glorious expression of your humanness. If someone judges you, let them, they are probably unfulfilled and miserable, and we can’t be responsible for that, give them a wave as you scream with your legs akimbo down the magic helter-skelter of life.
Our life is precious as is the planet and nature is a wise teacher.