Hey, stop for a moment

 The tales of a reformed lady rogue who lives to reach out to others with various forms of alchemy


Alexia Elliott



Oh Hello,

I’m writing a series of essays which may shake up your belief system. Shaking up your beliefs offers greater critical awareness creating space for new perspectives.

Challenging your beliefs is empowering. 

Our beliefs are just that, beliefs, not the truth. Yet, we live our lives blindly allowing our often unquestioned beleifs to define who we are, which can either be a bitch or a blessing. 

 Questioning your beliefs, assumptions, and expectations will give you greater freedom and flexibility in living. 

I enthusiastically contemplate the wonderment of living despite the consequence of being bewildered, but it wasn’t always this way or me.  I climbed the dizzy heights of insanity.  I  flew at high speed through the thin veil concealing that landscape, conventionally referred to as  “madness”. 

I’m well travelled in these socially estranged landscapes, during my  odyssey, I won a gold star for getting to the top of “The leaderboard for foolish mistakes.”

I’m taking a bow, oh thank you.  Stop it, I’m blushing.

I’ve finally learnt to be kind to myself,  I made that flipping difficult for myself.

I look back at the terrible pickle’s I got myself into and realise they were largely a result of naivety, curiosity and not thinking.

 I didn’t know I  had a choice to live within my personal power.

I didn’t know, I had any power or a choice.

 The majority of these essays will be aimed to increase your personal power.

We always have a choice, sometimes we don’t like the choices we are facing and far easier to deny we have any choice.

Sometimes we cry and have a good ole bleat about our past hardships or the difficult situations we are facing a good cry and grumble can be very cathartic and healthy. I’m a huge fan of crying.  I’m a  Cancerian I can’t help it. 

Yet we must be mindful that we can transform our mistakes and hardships into wisdom.  

I was born in the 1970s and I’ve given myself permission to say stay tuned!!

I’m fascinated by the power of Hypnotherapy, Shamanism and other esoteric approaches related to healing and living.  I’m a curious Jungian swampland navigator and Sacred Clown, and I’m terribly fond of mythology and stories.

I enjoy in-depth discussions and frivolous nonsense together preferably.


Alexia X

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