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Why Street Philosophy?

Philosophy may sound like the kind of subject that people with large foreheads study.  However, my research concludes that many of the great philosophers did have large foreheads, alongside many with smaller craniums which makes this notion, inconclusive. 

Fortunately, being a female, I have a tiny head which has demonstrated the ability to grasp sufficient wisdom from philosophy, for me to choose how I walk my path and survive the tougher times life throws at us.

Here is my thorough forehead report


Socrates does have a substantial forehead. 


Epictetus with his sweet dashing face with a standard size forehead. 


Schopenhauer, what an adorable face, I think he ticks the philosophy forehead box. He reminds of me of my late uncle, David. 

With a little practice, you can develop an evolving philosophical worldview, that provides you with an ability to immerse yourself in life, with choice and freedom.  Philosophy, found me when I was a snot-ridden penniless mess. Philosophy helped me climb out of a shithole state of existence, without philosophy I would have become a festering toxic wasteland in human form.

Philosophy can be engaging, simple, fun and enlightening. You can become your own philosophical guide, which ultimately enables you to stand in your own personal power.

Socrates said it is our responsibility to take care of our souls.

 We need to examine our beliefs and values and rules which are toxic, an artful examination can be medicinal.

Cicero: “There is, I assure you, a medical art for the soul. It is philosophy, whose aid need not be sought, as in bodily diseases, from outside ourselves. We must endeavour with all our resources and strength to become capable of doctoring ourselves.”

We must endeavour with our resources and strength to become ourselves.

  Use these questions as keys to examine the beliefs that maintain your current worldview.

  • Am I responding wisely to this?
  • Is this reaction reasonable?
  • Could I react more wisely?

Research shows that when we change our opinion about a situation, our emotions also change, which reinforces the notion we have some control over how we experience life. Again, it’s back to personal power.

Epictetus, there is nothing more tractable than the human psyche” Ok so you can change, but a degree of tenacity Is required.

If you make a new habit, it’s realistic to expect it will take a little time to embed.  Consider the process of becoming a sailor or a bodybuilder, or an excellent cook, it doesn’t happen overnight, learning is a process, not a state.  We live in a world where we can get instant orgasm online. The thought we might have to work at our happiness can be disheartening, but you are responsible, in the words of L’Oréal.

“You’re worth it.”

With big LOVE to you.

Walk peacefully and be gentle to yourself; you and your life are precious.

Alexia x