The gift of​ vulnerability​

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process, is a beautiful thing to do for ourselves and others, its an act of love.
“Error is not just acceptable, its necessary for the continuation of life, provided it is not too great. A large error is a catastrophe, and a small error is essential for enhancing existence. Without error, there is no movement. Death follows”. Jacques Lecoq
Why fly into the world from the amniotic sea where life matter and mortality great us. We have a burning desire to discover who we are on our brief and precious transit in life.

The world is full of authorities telling us how not to be and we learn spontaneity quickly leads to trouble,

Please for god’s sake

  • DO NOT act on impulse.
  • DO NOT swim against the tide of human confusion
  • DO not admit you are confused.

Its recommended you pretend to know what you don’t know, cling to facts and logic for dear life and believe people with big titles and funny hats to maintain the illusion.

Maybe sanity is a performance to avoid being rejected by other people?

Do we unconsciously agree to and obey the rules to present ourselves as being safe?

Does that mean we are suppressing our strangeness to avoid being considered insane?

Maybe Suppressing our spontaneous impulses censors our imagination!!! Argggh, yet
we want to be original and authentic and fit in, but too afraid to be seen or stand out.

We do have the opportunity at any given moment to dance with endless perspectives, yet simultaneously feel enslaved and hopeless as we battle the endless seductions offered by safety and predictability.
The cocoon of safety is highly appealing when we feel vulnerable or exposed as being wrong or different from the crowd. The safe and familiar offer us comfort, but how often do we gaze back longingly wishing we had cut the chains that bind us from being who we truly are.

Imagine stepping into the breath-taking abyss of uncertainty. The more we resist change, the more we are against the nature of nature, which to me is the greatest madness.

What is the desire of your soul?

I’m fascinated by the magic of vulnerability, is vulnerability a precursor to courage, i believe courage take us on a new journey.

If you asked me to advise a strategy, I’d say “fuck it be who you are, because that will be a glorious expression of your humanness. If someone judges you, let them, they are probably unfulfilled and miserable, and we can’t be responsible for that, give them a wave as you scream with your legs akimbo down the magic helter-skelter of life.
Our life is precious as is the planet and nature is a wise teacher.

Do roses feel ashamed to blossom into their full potential? No, I assume they bloom as it’s what they do. Roses grow from the darker realms of the earth and eventually bloom into their fullest expression.

My cat Sigmund shits where he likes, I’m not suggesting you shit on the streets it will lead to some form of incarceration, Sigmund also chases his tail and looks very silly as he engages in this seemingly nonsensical act.
Cats do what they wanna do when they wanna do it and don’t give a flying tortoise, what the others cats think. maybe we should be more caT


With Love Alexia x


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