Stop blaming God

We’ve all spat our disappointment to God at some point.

“How can God exist when children are dying, people are starving across the globe, and wars are ever-present?” etc. etc….

I can’t help question, what’s going on?  I reckon God’s done a remarkable job. This universe is really impressive and consciousness well, I couldn’t dream that up. 

 For clarity, I view God energetically, I’d say animism suits my worldview best.

So, when I say, God, I’m not referring to a bearded benevolent fella sitting on a cloud, monitoring the wheat from the chaff at the pearly gates. 

I’m a solid enthusiast of psychedelics, yet I doubt munching my way through a Shaman’s cosmic larder, would give me what’s required to knock up the visionary powers to dream up, consciousness. 

 I feel mean that the blame falls to God for the pain, suffering and misery in this world. 

I enjoy shapeshifting for fun, it’s also a powerful way to get out of my habituated perspectives. Currently, I’m exploring being God, which means you, are also God.

From this perceptive its clear, we all play a bigger role in global suffering, than we care to admit.  We can’t continue to be rogue seeds with our current ME-ME-ME, individualistic mindset.

 I believe It’s our communal responsibility to care for our planet, in the same way, we fiercely protect our homes, bank accounts, dogs, loved ones and pretty shoes.

We all know deep down, we’re playing a significant role in the destruction of the planet. Let’s stop bleating and ranting on shitty articles on social media about the government and other shithead leaders, who continuously prove to be a total waste of space.

Moaning is passive time wasting. I can moan, I actually love a good moan, but I do it for fun, yet alongside my moans, I do loads of good stuff.

So, why not try and DO something, anything, don’t let apathy eat your soul, my friend. 

Whether your destructive contribution

  • Is buying cheap fashion, 
  • eating cheap meat
  • over-consuming plastic
  • judging the heroin addict chasing the dragon on the carpark staircase,
  • Or being a judgmental knob

I could go on, but I suspect you get my drift.

I think we are all so immersed in mass denial in various ways, for some it might be  denial regarding the cruelty the poor creature endured before its cruel death, for you to mindlessly gnaw on your beef burger.

Or is it ignoring the strong possibility that a small child is effectively being used as a slave in an overcrowded sweatshop, to give us that sparkly little T-shirt from a throwaway fashion store.  I’ve been guilty of both.

I wonder if our collective denial offers protection from our deepest fears.  It seems easier to spill our disgust and hatred onto the heroin addict, the alcoholic or the overeater, for not getting a handle on life, and not behaving accordingly to your rules. Yet, have you got a handle on your life, really?

How much of a role are you playing in the misery you observe- engage in?

The next question to consider is, “whatcha gonna do about it?”

I’m not suggesting you start a civil war, but maybe chose an area that conjures up some passion, something meaningful to you.

It could be saving the local library or visiting an elderly neighbour regularly, or buying meat from a reputable farmer, smiling at a stranger, or picking up litter.

The beauty in DOING is, when you do something from the heart, you get some really good feelings, that are free and without side effects, it’s better than citalopram.

I have a grandiose dream, where being fractals of God is embedded deeply in every cell of our body, it’s a truth we would never try to deny or argue.

With such a knowing, we can’t snooze in the safety blanket of denial. We are the creator and maintainer of misery and hellishness on this earth, (yes, and of course all the beautiful stuff) such a notion can open our awareness to the immense power we have as a collective organism, to shift the direction of our consciousness. 

How can you make a small shift to doing a little more with regards to shifting the direction of our collective energy?

I dream we can create a tidal wave of powerful human thought…and more Importantly DOING…


I do like to dream.

This post is not intended to sound judgmental, it’s neither an order. I consider my lack of inertia, action interactions daily with consideration. My sharing here is a just a ponder.

Drop me a comment or a like, l find feedback encouraging and useful.

Big love Alexia x

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