Positive thinking- warning ⚠️

A common complaint I hear from new clients is ” ok, I’ve read The Secret” or something similar. I’m manifesting this, or that, goal(s)/dreams daily. I’m doing the affirmations, nothing has changed, what is going wrong?”

A few things to consider.

-The spiritual path, in my experience, isn’t easy, prepare to get your arse kicked. it’s worth it, I promise.

-Are you doing ANYTHING different, to support your goals? If not, get off your arse and DO something different. Action is important.

-Are you ignoring more challenging emotions? The ones we often feel shamed for expressing.

Anger, hurt, sadness, jealousy shame etc? Spotting your denial and bullshit can be damn tricky to spot and address, denial is a slippery character. Journalling can work well for bringing up your bullshit or find a Therapist who has a nose like a bloodhound when it comes to spotting your bullshit.

It is wise to question if your MANIFESTATIONS are not working,

Do you believe you are good enough?

Are you worthy of change?

Do you deserve it?

How well can you really expect, magical recipes, prescribed in books such as ‘The Secret’ to be successful? if a part of you believes otherwise? CONFLICT, can be very distressing.

I’m a fan of being positive, I love radiating good vibes, Shitloads of love into the world. It has taken me until my glorious middle years, to really understand that simply trying to be positive, without engaging any critical thinking Is passive and potentially self-destructive.

Positive thinking is NOT the panacea to all ills, but a wonderful resource, that certainly helps flexibility in your interpretation of the world.

Walking a spiritual path and only focusing on the pretty stuff, is not walking a spiritual path, its BULLSHIT or more formally referred to as spiritual Bypassing.

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