How to fall in love with you!! Workshop


As a result of attending this course, you will think differently.

A one day course presented by Street Philosophy Seminars.

How different will your life be for deciding to fall in love with you?

9th Feb 2019

I believed for years that liking yourself was a bad thing, and anyone who does like themselves, is a show-off and that will anger the Gods.

arrgghhh My affirmation was “I’m nothing” which really helped me make the most terrible life decisions. Be humble and reject all compliments was once a favoured narrative in society, alongside do not consider “yourself worthy” or “good enough.” 

“Oh but wait, we can sell you something to compensate your inadequacies- BUY This product and be something”

Seriously, lets rebel against this nonsense.

Liking yourself is a game changer and probably one the most potent spiritual quests you can endeavour. The people who rebel against these fear-mongering myths that keep us small and ashamed of humanness are more content with life. These people radiate dazzling good vibes and flow and bounce with life. They don’t give a flying doughnut what other people think about them either. 

Join me on this act of rebellion. I’m convinced falling in love with yourself is a small contributed towards world peace.

There are limited places. 20 in total. Drop me a line to save your place.

AS a result of attending this course

 You will realise you have choices and the ability to change your relationship with you, which will result in you changing the way you, interact with the world.

This is a roll your sleeves up, straight-talking course, you are required to bring courage, if you only have a little, that’s fine, I’ll be generous to you I’m on your side.

Be open to embracing vulnerability for just a short time to gather the enriching gifts, this enlightening state of consciousness offers.

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How to fall in love with you! workshop

09-02-2019 How to fall in love with you Leicestershire Alexia Elliott


Times 10.30–5-5.30pm  ish.


Alexia x

Feedback from our last workshop

“It seems pretty amazing that you can sit in a room, listen to amazing teaching, philosophy, wisdom and insight and all of a sudden things in life seem to click into place. Alexia offers so much more than just a workshop – her knowledge and storytelling brings the room to light, bringing like-minded souls together to gain a true and meaningful understanding of a beautiful journey of love and life. It takes a special person to be able to deliver such a workshop, to hold your hand as you navigate some tough stuff to face your own self-love. Alexia does just that and immediately makes you feel at ease, providing a guide to something that we could all do with listening too everyday – the reminder of how to love yourself. Simply beautiful and brilliant”

Review 2018


Hi Alexia, I absolutely loved Saturday, it’s been way too long since I heard words that make so much sense to me, the informal approach to the day and subject matter put me at ease. I loved the stories & the role play.
My intention for the day was to gain insight into the anxiety I’d been experiencing around exercise for the last 3 years. 🤔
Through the activities, & using the hero’s journey I was able to conclude that I should acknowledge my younger self and reclaim her (from negative sporting/ experiences as a child)
I instantly felt an inner calmness, upon this realisation.
During the drive home & once I arrived home, I spent some time at home reclaiming her.
I also decided that I would take her along to the event with me. See next picture!

REVIEW!! “How to love yourself” workshop!! 2018


” Alexia has an energy that clearly demonstrates she has found her inner child, her experience in working with so many clients clearly comes out when being present with her. Such a wonderfully hypnotic storyteller that captivates your attention immediately and draws you into the deeper meaning behind the teaching. I really enjoyed the training today as it was relaxed and fun, helping me to realise that I am a hero already and about to embark on an adventure, not a challenge. Thank you so much, Alexia,, I look forward to the next event!!”

REVIEW from How to love you: workshop 2018

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