“Befriending the beasties” Workshop

Conventional wisdom warns us to stay away from negative emotions,

imagine just for a moment, that power and magic fester in our “cruellest” emotions?  that’s quite a thought, isn’t it? 

The avoidance and denial of our darker emotions can result in escalating difficulty in our experience of living.  Left unearthed these ignored emotions can surface, physically, mentally and emotionally, leaving us spiritually disconnected.  With curious observation and understanding, we can alchemise our “darker side” into wisdom, opening the door to our beautiful inner magic. 


Drawing upon over 16 years Psychotherapeutic & Hypnotic experience alongside a collection of bizarre life experiences, I will guide you through a process to unpack and understand these formative and often misunderstood layers of our personalities and emotions.

Living is more joyful as a result of acknowledging ourselves as human beings with grace towards our life experiences from a 360-degree perspective.

Your overall expected outcomes will be:

  • You will feel lighter in mind body and spirit
  • A deeper and more compassionate relationship to yourself and others
  • A developing personal philosophy for life
  • A set of attitudes and skills that equip you for your ongoing adventure in life
  • Understand the various emotions from a 360 perspective
  • That darker emotions are gifts, allies and teachers, misunderstood.
  • A sharper sense of intuition and self-trust
  • Understand and experienced human alchemy

 Imagine fear becoming a guide to opening doors to your creativity, or grief transforming into gratitude, anger becoming an honest trusted friend?

Workshop date- 10th Aug 2019 

This workshop is limited to 10 participants

Workshop cost: £100.00 to secure your place, click here 

Befriending the beasties course

Workshop 10th Aug 2019


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