How to make friends with the beasties

The beasties I refer too, are the beasties who hang out in the swamplands of your soul and can unquestionably be your greatest allies, offering you a new way of living. 

“Suffering is the fastest horse to completion”, an adage from the medieval times. Some new age approaches swiftly ignore the veils leading us to the swamplands of the soul, seducing us with ungrounded spiritual practise’s intended to avoid suffering, hot-footing us  to “authenticity” or whatever buzzword symbolises  the latest spiritual fashion

Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Mosses, Mohammed, all embraced suffering, so what makes us think we can bypass it on route to the gardens of bliss?

Our feet offer wisdom, being in opposition during our wakeful hours, and only in full agreement when we are dead, maybe conflict and opposition our part of being human.

The longer we live we will inevitably encounter the beasties.

Fear, anger, shame, depression, addiction, betrayal, jealousy, grief, loss, aloneness, etc. Our culture encourages us to hide or get rid of these pesky emotions buried in the swamplands of the soul.

Medicine offers a quick fix to sugar coat our feelings but cannot disinfect your darker fertile emotions away. Drugs can act as emotional lobotomy, however, what is suppressed finds a way of being acknowledged. What happens to water when it is blocked?

we have to penetrate our own bullshit to get to the good stuff

This workshop is an invite into becoming fully human, it’s a roll ya sleeves up approach, I promise to be a gentle guide.

Date 10th august 2019

Big love

Alexia x

Befriending the beasties course

Workshop 10th Aug 2019