What you say is what you are

How many judgements do you make a day? It’s an interesting experiment to count how many times a day you make a judgement. You will lose count quickly, as Judgements are often automatic and the majority of the judgements we make we don’t really fully agree with, yet leave them unchallenged. 

To change my automatic thinking judging mind, I practise daily pausing and just stopping for a moment, whenever my minds conjure a  judgement  I  question it.

My judgments are great insights into what’s going on within me and never about whoever or whatever I am judging. 

Judging is the habit of imposing opinions, values, and beliefs upon yourself and on others. This is the tricky bit,  morals and ethics are important for social order AND they are also judgements, and judgments can be a form of violence.

 What I observe mostly as a Hypnotherapist is, people being judgemental and unkind mostly to themselves. 99.9% of these people were totally unaware of this.

Imagine how things would be if you could cultivate a mind which can, observes with kindness, love,  peace and respect?


Rebel against those judgments, create a personal revolution. 



Alexia x“Befriending the beasties” Workshop