Ne-na-ne-na that’s the sound of “The food police”

We have all encountered one of these pests who love preaching the rules of dieting and pointing them out to you.

These guys are power thieves if we allow them to sabotage us.  

These pesky tyrants are fond of the words “should and shouldn’t  and these words are in bed with guilt.

“should you be eating that?” says a member of the food police with authority, regardless of their relationship with their body and food. 

Here are a few example rules from the food police

  • Sugar is the work of the devil
  • Eat clean 
  • You must eat breakfast
  • Do not eat after 6pm
  • It’s not time to eat yet
  • You shouldn’t eat that, it’s bad food
  • carbs are bad
  • Have much weight have you lost? 

I have considered some replies to slam to food police in the chops.

my replies in are blue and italics. 

  • Sugar is the work of the devil.  (oh amazing, err how do you know this to be true?)
  • Eat clean    (Hey, Sniff your armpit  I’m fastidious with personal hygiene!! Look terrible confused.
  • You must eat breakfast (Ohhhhh really…… I’m curious please tell me who made this rule up? who’s the expert here?) 
  • Do not eat after 6pm  (yawn….according to who? )
  • It’s not time to eat, yet (FUCK OFF, and get in your body, you freak)
  • You should eat this, (avocado, whatever the superfood is, of the day) and never eat bad food (NO WAY!! OH MY GOD? DAMN, I didn’t know this, teeeelll me, how is the food bad?  what did it do so wrong? pulling a sad face?)
  • You shouldn’t eat that on your diet (NOoo WAY seriously!!! fuck, you are my guru now!! Wait, how do you know what my body needs? wwwwwooooo, errrr listen to do you have a couple of hours free,  with your insights into me I think I can sort out my life big time with your advice)
  • carbs are bad (oh yeah, did protein tell ya this? food wars frighten me and there is enough war in the world, let’s not start a division with food items)
  • Have much weight have you lost?  I’m unsure as my tolerance towards idiots has increased of recent,  err let me get back to you on that. 

Who are the pesky food police?

Often well-meaning friends and family members who make unsolicited comments on your eating habits.  Health professionals and weight loss companies, impose these rules upon our impressionable minds and these rules become part of our belief system.

Thinking about food with rules and judgments creates inner conflict.  These thoughts are habitual and have been around for a long time and go easily go unnoticed and unchallenged, but they hold a great power over our actions and feelings.

The food police eventually take up residency within our minds and their pearls of wisdom play a role in our struggle and obsession with food and body shape.

These beliefs (from the food police) make judgements with regards to what you are doing based on arbitrary divisions. You are either good or bad.

The food police are symbolic of all weight loss diets and gurus who spew out their food rules; and these rules are constantly being reinforced by the media, weight loss companies and some professionals, and of course our friends and family member and strangers.

My philosophy is, to make peace with food and end the constant battle with food, battling with food does not work! You know that.

Imagine the impact of creating your own rules. Rules that work for you, your lifestyle and your body.

Here is the deal, You can and it does work

A close ally of the food police in the nutritional informant. The nutritional informant provides you scientific evidence to keep you in line and stop you falling off that damn wagon and being bad.

The nutritional informant will ensure you fastidiously count calories, fat grams, ensuring you are up to date with the current trends in line with the MEDIA GOD… These informants are dutiful slaves to the MEDIA GOD.

So imagine if the food police and the nutritional informant disappeared from your world, imagine just for a moment they had no longer power over you, and a food anthropologist moved in.

The food anthropologist would simply observe without judgement.  The food anthropologist that would take you in the direction of having a healthy relationship with yourself, and food.

How would it happen?

  • Noticing when you’re physiologically hungry
  • When you’re satisfied
  • Noting you feel guilty for eating chocolate.
  • Question why you eat when you are, bored, sad and hungry? 

How do you do this?

Be kind to yourself

Question what you are doing

Practice self-awareness.

Be your own guru or life coach, support your success and chalk up your challenges as opportunities to learn. 

Keep a food diary  ( This diary isn’t like a typical food diary. Stop rolling your eyes, i know you have completed dairies before for a weight loss diets)

 This is a diary with a difference, what we are looking for is,

  • Triggers
  • Emotions
  • Thoughts

 A food diary is a learning tool that will lead to you being an intuitive conscious eater. You were born with the ability to be an intuitive eater reconnect with that. 

The intuitive eater is aware of and responsive to your unique needs.

I am not saying don’ follow a diet or the advice of well-trained and knowledgeable individuals, i think our societies relationship with food is confused and lost and we need to sound guidance to reconnect us with good wholesome food which enables us to be healthy in mind body and soul.

My point is, remember it’s your body and if you combine the wisdom from those who you requested to help you, whilst listening to your body wisdom, I think you are gonna be on a whole new ride.

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BIg love

Alexia x

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