WAKE UP from the bullshit dream

Flower power was a slogan used during the late 1960s as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology. Rooted in the opposition movement to the Vietnam War. We can thank the poet Allen Ginsberg for this beautiful slogan. 

 Hippies dressed in clothing embroidered with flowers and vibrant colours. They wore flowers in their hair and dished out flowers to the public, it is here where the flower children emerged into our consciousness. 

The term later became generalised as things do, as an umbrella term to the hippie movement and the so-called counterculture of drugs, psychedelic music, psychedelic art and social liberalism.

The Hippies gathered momentum by performing guerrilla Theatres. Thinking of this, makes me want to grab my growing collection of hand puppets, masks and funny hats, gather all my funny friends and create a moving organic theatrical stage, displaying human brilliance to entice people to reconnect on a bigger scale.

The term guerrilla theatre is where people engage in performances in public places committed to “revolutionary socio-political change.” The performances were spontaneous and displayed in unlikely public spaces to an unsuspecting audience, using satire and carnivalesque techniques often containing nudity, profanity and taboo subjects that were shocking to some members of the audience.

Shocking? Surely seeing a lady’s vagina or a man’s dick cannot be more shocking, than how the government was callously blowing up innocent people in Vietnam?

For the love of God, do not show your vagina, nah blow a kid up we can cope with that. Well, it would appear we have one hell of a weapon between our legs, as it’s guaranteed to get an emotional response, and that’s powerful.

Advertisers know this gem of knowledge and exploit it to sell their wares.

Flower power is done, but I feel there is a lot to discover and reconsidered from the passion and creativity that clearly thrived during this movement.

 I acquired a crumb of wise advice from my days “being lost in space, plugged into daytime telly.” The advice was “if you wore a fashion piece once, do not repeat it when it returns, you would only look a twat”.  I suspect I paraphrased that.

People from a later era than I, are now wearing shell suits and they look cool, but I would still look like a twat in a shell suit. However, someone reconsidered the shell suit, with a fresh approach and recrafted the design and style, and people are enjoying the key item, that I upon reflection felt terribly ashamed of purchasing in my teens.

How about we considered making, “owning our personal power” the greatest revolution ever? and that to me, is the most LOVING thing we can do for the world and honouring God in whatever form, tinkles your soul? 

Personal power is being true to you. Question the RULES you live by, the RULES that define and screw you. Standing in your power allows you to be, who you truly are and not to be seduced by an illusionary power which only feeds the “not good enough” mentality. 

Society is moving in a bizarre direction if you consider the belief we are all interconnected, and if we can all take control of how we think. I dream we can change the flow of culture in a new direction.

 A new direction supporting a cooperative society, fuelled by the knowledge, we are all in this together. Combine that with a gentleness that dissuades us from judging others.  As the truth is, we are all muddling are way through this headfuck of a paradoxical adventure.

When we change, can we change the direction of culture?

 Society is moving in a different direction, and if we are all interconnected, and if all take control of how we think, I dream we that we change the culture, as we the culture. 

I   encouraged my daughters to be wild salmon and not to swim alongside the mainstream in case they might miss out on their adventure. Maybe, we follow the stream, or the herd, as we have become conditioned to do anything we can in order not see who we are, in fear that we might discover, we really are nothing.

Yet, we will never know, if we do not courageously seek regardless of what we find we may discover who we truly are, which could be wonderful.

 Imagine if we could radiate joy in our brilliance, alongside celebrating other’s success with warmth in our hearts?

 Maybe we can rekindle raw creativity and allows our souls to immerse us in the wonderment and flow of life itself.

 Oh, it’s a grand thought.

Alexia x


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