Want to become an urban Warrior?

Living in the city can be a delightful and wild adventure, it can also be a treacherous place full of dark energies and folk wanting to steal our personal power.

I work in the city and I’m a girl who walks the shamanic path, making city my jungle.

The city is a magical place full of the fascinating and intriguing characters, it’s also laden with unfolding stories. The landscape of the city is a powerful teacher.

We often associate spiritually with retreating into nature, meditation, being loving, kind etc., and why not?  nature rejuvenates us and of course, engaging in such practices is meaningful.

When we slow down and pay attention to the pace of nature, we reconnect with the sacred magic. 

Are we not getting enough medicine from nature?

We need to shift our perspective to open a more resourceful mindset to find sacred medicine in all environments.

everything is alive, everything has spirit, even the smelly bins,

I see spending time in nature like a gigantic vitamin shot, I’m fortunate enough to access both landscapes, the City, and the quieter realms of the natural world where I live.  I realise how fortunate I am, as not everyone, has this option.

It’s all well and good bleating on about what ancient man did and trying to maintain those scared practices, but the world is in constant change and evolving, and with that our beliefs and attitudes have to adjust accordingly, to accommodate the unfolding nature of life.

There is less space and fewer opportunities to find solace in nature, without the intrusion of others, in particular for those living in the city or urban areas.

So, I’ve been thinking,  it’s nourishing to spend time in a beautiful natural place where we can retreat and rejuvenate from the chaos of everyday life, I’m a fan of this.

Upon reflection, I’m aware  upon my return journey from spiritual retreats  that energetically I’ve felt vulnerable to the chaos of the “ordinary” world, and it has taken me a few days to ease back in this “normality.”

I had not learnt to walk both worlds with balance, I often wonder how much of the restorative magic I gathered on the retreat and good intentions of self-care, were swiped from me, by the fast, chaotic pace of “ordinary life” which kinda made the retreat, more like getting a shot of Botox to ease low self-esteem.

I believe spirituality is fundamental to our wellbeing, just focusing on,

  • our eating habits
  • doing a weekly yoga  or meditation class
  • saying happy shit and listening to whale music

isn’t enough, if you really want to bloom in your full expression and be fully fledged Spiritual HUMAN, as far as we know we get one chance in these little meaty protein suits, and we are fucking it up big time for ourselves, unknowingly.

I want to help you reconnect you with your spiritual nature, in every moment of the day without trying and that is when we can enjoy nature and see the fascinating colours in the city jungle while standing in our full spiritual, personal power in the absence of fear. The unfolding chaos and characters are the most fascinating teachers and allies, when we view the ordinary from a perspective of fascination, it becomes a powerful spiritual teacher.

A Human standing in their full spiritual power can have an embodied spiritual experience in the middle of the city, it’s a matter of perspective.

So I’m coming up with a plan to make this happen, interested?

BIG BIG LOVE Alexia x x