How to use anger wisely

 I spent years avoiding anger; I didn’t know I was angry, where was my anger?

I ate it, drank it, snorted it, burnt on a crack pipe blissfully unaware and painfully numbed.

When I stopped stuffing emotion, I started to feel really odd.

I spoke to a therapist,  she said,

Alexia where is your anger, have you ever expressed it?

I laughed and said calmly, “Naaah I’m just not an angry person, I’m a lover and a peaceful soul.”  

She knew from my previous endeavours; I’m a  fiercely strong-willed lass,  she smiled and asked me to write a timeline of events and experiences in my life that might have angered me, I laughed and agreed to do so thinking how pointless it was.

A few hours later, I felt the most almighty rage emerge concerning everything that had happened to me, and consequently, I  kicked off with anyone who came near me. I was shocked by this fierceness of this venom that sat seething in my jaw as my blood boiled, and I wanted to obliterate the world. 

So, yeah,  as you can imagine when this emotion emerged it scared the shit out of me, little did I realise anger was my most loyal friend, who I had ignored for far too many years.

Anger is an honourable friend, and in the current culture, anger has a bad reputation. If we express anger we feel ashamed for doing, no wonder we suppress it.

So here is the deal, we spend a day embracing our honourable friend anger which of course is a beautiful reframe in itself.

  • We will explore boundaries and strategies to manage what angered you previously
  • We will develop an acute awareness of the gifts of anger
  • Alongside the art of listening and learning from our beautiful emotions
  • There is a whole bunch of other stuff that will be covered!! Exciting eh

Imagine anger being your best friend like a wise old retired gangster? Boundaries, easier relationships and a whole new perspective to navigate life. 

Let’s aim to make being a passionate and emotional human the new black!! or why not go mad and focus on a fuller spectrum of colour, let’s go RAINBOW!

Wanna join the revolution? 

Alexia X