I am not a Shaman!!

Many people have said over the years “Alexia, you are a shaman”. I take this as a compliment and leave it as a compliment instead of a definition of who I am, or how I work. In truth, the title sits uncomfortably with me, why?

Shamanism has and continues to have a significant influence on my life, which makes my work undeniably influenced.

I’m in communion with spiritual entities, and different entities emerge into my consciousness depending on the person and their presenting issues. This,  I assume, is unnoticeable to the client and unnecessary for them to be aware of for us to progress with whatever we are addressing.

My shamanic friends will say “Alexia, this is shamanism” Yeah yeah, I agree but ssh… for a moment. Ok?

I suspect my discomfort with being called a shaman, boils down to my intrigue and passion towards the notion of personal power, which derives from Shamanism, I smirked as I typed that.

Definition: Personal power is from within you, it’s you! You can’t purchase it but it can be stolen from you,  if you don’t stand in your “power” it’s easy to steal,   Personal power is a knowing that you are ultimately responsible for your life and how you interpret it.  Personal power offers you greater flexibility and freedom to chose how to interact and respond to life.

Unauthentic power is dependent upon something external to us,  for example, the title of being a company CEO offers tremendous power over others, you are gifted other symbols of power to ensure you,  big salary, big car,  a car parking space with your name on it, woo oooooo.

The trouble with external power is,  if you lose the job,  you lose your power which, ironically leaves you enslaved to the system that seduces you with illusionary power.

I find the title Shaman gives me a sense of power over others like I’m unique, gifted or chosen by mother earth to do a task. As much as I’m in awe of mother earth, I feel too little and silly to think she would really choose me to sort out the numerous dilemmas that humans are currently facing. This is the same reason, I rarely talk openly about the many challenging and complex cases I work with on a daily basis; which boils down to concerns regarding abuse of power and showmanship.

I must make it clear, I truly admire and I’m grateful to my colleagues who are comfortable with their titles and talents. Your ability to celebrate your brilliance contributes to educating people regarding the many alternative approaches available regarding the recovery of our “wellbeing”,  your sharing challenges the current cultural narratives, regarding our wellbeing offered by the reductionist medical model.

I’ve been asked on many occasions to do talks, on radio and on TV, and until recently I have refused all invitations for two reasons,

1. I do not think I have anything outstanding to say

2. I find it difficult to recollect without the interference of my rational mind what I do; my attempts to map out my therapeutic processes have proven to be frustrating.

A recent insight enabled me to sidestep my confusion. During an interview with a fab chap and Therapist, Howard Cooper, Howard pointed out I didn’t discuss processes but continually referred to the different states I enter when working. Thanks, Howard, you played a role in a personal breakthrough from confusion.

Forgive me for my shyness concerning articulating how I help others. My struggle with defining and celebrating the triumphs that occur between a client and I, are a limitation on my part, and a successful strategy that offers me the freedom, to shapeshift between worldviews and perspectives.

I can wholeheartedly promise when you are in my office, you get my full attention, from mind, heart and soul. I concern myself with sounding fickle, which in truth compliments my intrigue when considering which worldview I will play, that enables me to understand my client and their presenting issues best.

I find the definition of chaos magic matches me more accurately. Am I a Chaos Magician? Nah, I feel more at home with being the defined as a ”Chaotic Shamanic Clown”. Uum, that’s a title which is unlikely to attract people with complex issues to my office.

I can not find a more fitting definition of chaos Magic than what C J Stone wrote.

A central and essential feature that distinguishes Choas Magic from most other magical orders – is the idea that “belief” is a tool.

“Belief is not seen as an end in Chaos Magic circles. It is the means. Chaos Magic is mostly pragmatic. People adopt and then discard belief systems according to how useful they are. There are no dogmas, no fixed sets of rules. Belief systems are applied as working models, much as a scientist applies theory, and then the results compared. They are gathered from an eclectic variety of sources, including shamanic practice, traditional religion, SF and horror genre fiction, Voodoo art, rock’n’roll, or one’s own fevered imagination. If it works, it works, and that is all that is required. If one set of beliefs contradicts another, then this doesn’t really matter. All that matters is the shift in consciousness that allows you to see more deeply into the workings of the Universe, to be more receptive, more open to its creative possibilities.

Put it another way: Chaos Magic is not a religion. It does not have a central rite or a core dogma. People are not required to believe in a particular set of principles or to subscribe to a particular idea of reality or image of God. The only demands are that you are adaptable, fluid, able to embrace change, while, at the same time, diligent and hard-working enough to fully realise the implications of what you are doing. Most Chaos Magicians I have met are very well read, very learned in their various fields of study” C J Stone.

( I love CJ Stone and highly recommend his books, they made me howl with laughter)

Click here to see

I’m not gifted or special, I listen with my heart and pay real attention to each nuance of communication presented to me. From the moment we interact, I carefully observe with genuine interest for me to enter your worldview, which facilitates me accessing the most appropriate archetypal character or state, to navigate your journey through the swamplands of the soul.

It’s an intimate process and deeply rewarding to play a role, in other people discovering who they truly are and finally finding their own personal power.

But I’m not a shaman. 😉

feel free to contact me I rarely bite these days!!

Alexia x

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  1. Hi Alexia, thanks for following me on Instagram firstly, which led me to reading your blog, which I found quite a unique and alternative, and humble way of expressing your role/position/insights – whatever the best term is you would describe what you have and how you perceive and use it. Much more down to earth and you seem like somebody who could perhaps help me in answering some questions regarding my fiancé and partner of 6 years, Katie, who is going through a very tough time personally in her mind and has become very engrossed in numerology and somewhat reliant on the systems it uses and the “angels” interpretations and predictions and the importance of the numbers and links with Pythagoras etc – what is your view on numerology and it’s usefulness and reliability in reality? To ask a few questions would be much appreciated as I am wary and sometimes worried with her deep set beliefs in these exterior “forces” being responsible for her mental turmoil. Thanks and kind regards, Ed.

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    • Hello Ed,

      Thank you for reading my blog and writing to me. I’m genuinely thrilled my expression came across as down to earth. 🙂
      I’m sorry to hear Kate is struggling, I’m not overly knowledgeable regarding numerology and won’t pretend to be. However I suspect in a positive sense she might be clinging to this particular belief system as a way of making sense of turmoil, which can be positive to some degree. I’ve been hijacked by belief systems in an obsessive way in the past so can relate a little.. my lack knowledge of numerology isn’t important, it’s what goes on behind the scenes of the presenting dramas is key! Ask away, I’ll try my best to help you.
      With kindness


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