Can myths and stories offer wisdom to living?

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Mythology was the universal life guide before Psychology. Stories and myths provide great significance to our lives, sadly the power of stories seem to be disregarded in our modern society.

We all need to share our story to gain a deeper understanding of who we really are. We need to learn how to interpret the symbols hidden within stories.  The symbols are valuable clues to the next steps to finding out inner magic.

The passage from birth to death requires meaning, for us feel the significance of life and to really enjoy discovering the mystery of who we are. My furrowed brow is evidence of my ruminating tendencies, supporting my desire to search for the answers, into the mysterious nature of being human. As a result of too many any hours with my head up my arse, bored to tears with my repetitive wonderings ‘What is the god damn point of life?

What is the meaning of my existence?’

Joseph Campbell kindly offered clarity, he wisely advised, that seeking the meaning of life, is dead end. What we should seek is the experience of being alive, in order for our life experiences to resonate with us.

You know that warm-hearted fuzzy feeling? It’s often a fleeting and rare feeling for many of us. This fuzzy feeling is feedback from your soul revelling in the beauty and rapture of being alive. I would recommend you nurture the fuzzy heart feeling.

Myths are guiding ropes to the spiritual potential within you. In sum, stop asking what the meaning of life is, forget trying to make sense of it, just Live it. Formal education does not teach or encourage wisdom. Mythology teaches you to seek within, to make your own choices and to trust yourself. Understanding Mythology makes the arts and literature far more expressive and pertinent.

My next blog will look at stage one of The Hero’s Journey, by Joseph Campbell.

With Love

Alexia x

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