Whose life are you living?

The illusion of safety seduces you while fear torments you. 

That’s a cutting conflict that can tarnish any belief in self-trust. Cultural Myths can decide our life path if we don’t keep a curious eye 

For example; a conventional western narrative or myth is:

  • go to university
  • get a job working preferably for the government
  • get a Mortgage
  • buy a house
  • have a holiday once a year
  • plug into the TV (be heavily influenced by the TELEVISION god)

Prescribed mainstream narratives offer salvation from your self-maintained fears and insecurities. Follow the prescribed path, and you will be safe and accepted by society. If you dare step out of the prescribed cultural norm, is it likely you will be challenged and made to feel bad for being different.

 I’m not mocking those who follow the illusionary dream.  I’ve subscribed to it myself, and it gave me exactly what I needed, a well-earnt break from trying to discover

  • Who I am?
  • What I want from life?
  • Why are we here?

Trying to work out my purpose for being here made me feel like driftwood in a stream of interweaving stories drowning in philosophical soup, without an anchor. Following the herd at this particular time of my life was preferable. 

And guess what? Following the herd wasn’t the answer for me either. I filled the insatiable emptiness with temporary soul-numbing agents such as, alcohol, food, materialism, that eventually could no longer sustain this deep ache within. I wasn’t living; I was existing.

 I’m not alone in this bizarre existential experience, yet I’m aware that my perspective on this is influenced by my working life as a Therapist I  spend my life inside other people’s heads.

I am a firm believer that we all have a reason for being here on earth, even if it is to produce plastic as suggested by George Carlin.

 Interpret the wisdom of the universe.

Something will happen that makes our avoidance of life impossible.

  • A partner leaves us
  • we lose a parent
  • or a job
  • illness strike

and our security blanket is ripped away.

When we avoid living life it will eventually grab us and force us to feel alive.

If we continue to ignore the messages for our “calling” or purpose, we fall into a dependency with our habits and accept the unrelenting difficulties that lead us to a breakdown.  We are funny things us humans, we crave change and resist it when it arrives.  Familiarity offers the illusion of safety, and we fight like hell not to change, despite our yearning for it at the same time.

If we change our attitude towards the discomfort of change to something more generous to the process, what difference do you think this would make?

I wonder what it must be like for a caterpillar approaching the end of life?  I imagine them cuddled up in the cosy cocoon.   Does the caterpillar feel oppressed by the cocoon? Or Is the caterpillar’s interpretation of this,

‘Oh, my days, I’m trapped in this cocoon, I can’t move, this is the end of my life’, I suspect caterpillars do not resist natural change as we do.

The cocoon is like a safe changing room offering a far more spectacular experience than the end of life.  We humans, know it’s a beautiful process of transformation, we understand it’s the end of life for the caterpillar and the beginning for the butterfly.

I like to view experiences such as Depression, Anxiety etc., or other sometimes painful life-changing events, as a wakeup call from our soul. A wakeup call that is so painful it forces us to make a change and respond to the calling of our soul, like the caterpillar’s cocoon experience.

Be the author, producer and the lead character in the story of your life

We tell ourselves stories in order to live … We live entirely by the imposition of a narrative upon disparate images, by the “ideas” which we have learned to freeze the shifting phantasmagoria which is our actual experience.” from Joan Didion’s book The White Album.

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With Love

Alexia x

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