I have a dream

I have a dream I rarely share. I dream of a world where we are encouraged to be faithfully in love with ourselves. Sounds selfish eh? Ok, I don’t mean “in love” in an egotistical vacuous sense. I mean to really love ourselves with self-trust and self-care is part of the package.

Imagine, if everyone actually did love themselves, how would humanity change?

Would we really continue to be obsessed to the point of killing others, for illusionary power, such as land and money?

I dream of a future where we have a true connection with ourselves. A connection that will naturally lead us to a deeper relationship with our environment.

In my dream, we are so happy with ourselves, we are getting on with what we enjoy doing, we are not envious about what others are doing, we celebrate their creativity and involvement in living.  We are not craving for power outside of ourselves.

We rejoice and thrive in our connection with life, we feel the simplicity of living, and this facilitates our creativity.

Imagine if we all had an innate capacity to celebrate who we truly are. How would that enhance the evolvement of mankind?

Loving ourselves is ultimately caring for others.

Focus on you and your happiness,  as ultimately, it’s the only thing we can control.  If you feel good and happy, you radiate some good shit into the world, and all we connect with.

with love Alexia x



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