On shame

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Oh dear sweet girl, I can see you are hurting, I can help you be, who you must be, I know you are not perfect, I’ll keep your secrets.

Its painful isn’t it, seeing how wrong you are? You can be like the others, you are defected and not worthy.
I will protect you,
I will tie a belt around your heart,
you will learn humility,
I’m the antidote to omnipotence,
nobody will know,
you won’t know,
I’m subtle,
yes, powerful,
as long as you keep your secrets,
there is a price to pay, I will own your soul.
You will experience life as a bystander,
wrapped in my warm complacent blanket with safe illusions.
Daily affirmations of “I’m not good enough” are required by you, as is apologising for everything. You will feel stuck in the present, with persistent pops up adds,  from the past in the backdrop of your mind, to keep you small.

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