Street Philosophy

A reformed lady rogue who alchemised into a hypnotising Psychotherapist. 


I’m sharing a series of essays and bleats with the intention to shake up your belief system and make space for a new perspective and greater wisdom, towards living. 

Challenging your beliefs is empowering. Our beliefs are just that, beLIEfs, not the TRUTH. Yet, we live our lives blindly allowing our LIES to define who we are, which can either be a bitch or a blessing. 

 Questioning your beliefs, assumptions, and expectations gives you greater freedom and flexibility in living. 

I enthusiastically contemplate the wonderment of living, and I’ve made tons of mistakes during my lifetime as a result of my curiously. We have a choice we can cry, and bleat about our past pains or we can transform our mistakes and hardships into wisdom. Are converted into wisdom which i hope to share with you, 

I’m fascinated by the power of Hypnotherapy, Shamanism and other esoteric approaches related to healing and living. 

I’m a curious Jungian swampland navigator and Sacred Clown, and I’m terribly fond of mythology and stories.

I enjoy in-depth discussions, rambling bleats, and frivolous nonsense together preferably.

Alexia X

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